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Out of Conflict, Into Hope: the Coffee of DRC

Out of Conflict, Into Hope: the Coffee of DRC For years, since their coffee sector was basically decimated by war, Congolese farmers, including those who are now members of the Kawa Kanzururu cooperative, were forced to smuggle their coffee across borders to find buyers. They’ve had no support from the international buying community, and their productivity and infrastructure suffered. But now, the door is open for development and a better future for these communities. 

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Chris Unveils "Harbor" on 9&10 News

Chris Unveils Our founder, Chris Treter, recently had the pleasure of sharing our winter blend, Harbor, with our friends Adam and Alex at 9&10 News. Harbor blend benefits Safe Harbor, a seasonal emergency shelter. 

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Introducing Kawa Kanzururu: the First Coffee of its Kind

Introducing Kawa Kanzururu: the First Coffee of its Kind Through our exploration of Congolese coffee and relationships developed there over the past few years, we have been introduced to the farmers of Kawa Kanzururu--a young cooperative demonstrating an innovative economic model for surrounding communities--and also to the incredible work of the Virunga Alliance, which provides essential jobs, protects biodiversity, and guards critically endangered mountain gorillas within Virunga National Park. Here at Higher Grounds, we want to shine a light on those who have begun to rebuild the infrastructure necessary for sharing the DRC's incredible coffee with the world.

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